NYC experienced its first heatwave of the season between July 5- July 7, 2016. Temperature in excess of 92˚F was observed, which was compounded by high humidity. The City issued a heatwave warning for July 7, when the heat stress soared above 102˚F. Ground observations also indicate a strong nighttime UHI of around 12-15˚F. Although most of the thermal and wind observations indicate a typical heatwave case, this event was rather complex. On July 7th afternoon an intense downpour lasted for around 30 minutes between 230-3 pm; the Central Park station registered 0.1” of precipitation. This could be a very localized event induced by urbanization. The ground conditions were also very wet during this period as the City received nearly 3” of rainfall during the past 10 days. More on this will be revealed by further analysis. Thought this Summer our group will be monitoring the surface and atmospheric conditions over NYC continuously and we will particularly keep an eye on the heatwaves.

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